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  • "Don’t be nervous. If you enjoy yourself onstage, it doesn’t matter what the judge says."

    — My co-worker (via bunnyofgrace)

  • irish-rince-forever:

My worst nightmare
  • deathbyplanxtydavis:

    that point in a dance workshop when you can no longer walk but you can still miraculously dance

  • "Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in class. Maybe on stage it’s different, but class is for pushing yourself and trying new things. If you did 2 pirouettes yesterday, do 3 pirouettes today. If you did 3 pirouettes yesterday, do 4 today. That’s why you wake up in the morning - you cannot just keep doing 2 pirouettes and being satisfied with that. So don’t be afraid to fall. If you make mistakes, I will correct you. That’s why I’m here, that’s why you come to class."

    Alexander Filipov, last week in class (via gothamcityballet)

    I should apply this to life lol

    (via the-blood-of-dancers)

  • Anonymous: I have to ask did you come up with your blog name yourself? I love it so creative!!! I laughed out loud when I saw it haha

    thanks && yep my friends and I just came up with it one day!! :D

  • train-again:

    I know a lot of people get really upset when CLRG starts putting more regulations on dresses and stuff but I just imagine CLRG having a sleep over and Gavin being that troublesome little brother that likes to play pranks. Then I laugh.


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Clare Macritchie & Brigid O’Conner 
Murray Academy
  • "Ribbons, trophies, praise and acclaim don’t make you a nice person. It’s only fame. Judge yourself by the things that you do and those who love you through and through. Strength within is a beautiful thing, it will serve you better than being dance queen. Don’t let this setback capsize your boat, throw out an anchor and stay afloat. Take time to heal and sort it all out, in the end you are the winner, of that there’s no doubt."

    — An excerpt from a letter one of the grandmothers from my dance school wrote me after worlds (via theytoldmetosparkle)

  • sparkles-and-sasswalks:

    I am honestly so saddened and disappointed to see some of the negativity and rudeness towards each other on here. let’s please turn it around, work together, and encourage positivity!

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Gotta love the Drake Fam 💜 Montreal here we come!
  • eatsleepjig18:

This has always been my favorite motivational quote-because I know I’m not the best dancer, but it pushes me to work despite knowing that